Answers to frequently asked questions

1What is a HYIP project?

Usually, HYIP projects are financial pyramids that pay fabulous interest due to new income and attracting a large number of participants. Thus, fresh money is fed. After the flow of money stops or it is not enough to cover current obligations, the HYIP is closed, all payments are stopped, and in rare cases the HYIP restarts, but the service life of the next HYIP series is much less than the previous one.

2How to buy a script from a storefront?

Add the demo you like to the cart, after successful payment in your personal account you can download the script at any time.

3How to order a turnkey HYIP project?

Contact our studio in any way convenient for you:
Mail: admin@script-wizard.ru
Telegram: @script_wizard_admin
ВКонтакте: https://vk.com/scripts_wizard

4What scripts do you use for HYIP projects?

We work with the most popular scripts for a HYIP project: Blitz-Script, GoldCoders and H-SCRIPT. However, our programmers are real masters of their craft, ready, at the request of the client, to configure and run any HYIP script.

5What does turnkey HYIP project mean?

  1. We will discuss the general concept of the project and draw up the terms of reference. And then our programmers and web technologists will get down to business, because setting up a turnkey HYIP is our profile.
  2. We will solve all hosting issues. We know very well how to install HYIP on hosting , as well as which host centers are most suitable for working in the HYIP niche.
  3. Let's prepare a unique HYIP design . One has only to stand out from the gray crowd of the same type of HYIPs and your project will start generating much more profit!
  4. Let's connect to more than 30 payment systems. More options for depositing and withdrawing funds - more potential customers!
  5. Let's fine-tune the script and add unique functions.
  6. We will prepare advertising materials: banners, video presentations, video reviews, create accounts on social networks, write promotional articles, in general, our content makers will create the most attractive packaging for your HYIP.
  7. We will provide full project support: hosting, ssl green bar for HYIP, company registration in the UK or in one of a dozen other countries, protection against DDOS attacks and much more!

6I have not found an answer to my question

Contact us by E-mail admin@script-wizard.ru , Telegram: @script_wizard_admin or VK: https://vk.com/scripts_wizard and we will be happy to answer it!